Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fibromyalgia sucks balls

I've been out of one of my medications for about a week now. My rheumatologist retired and the woman taking over her practice is out of the country. Her assistant and the pharmacy are supposedly working to get my prescription filled but so far, nothing. This medication isn't a narcotic or anything. It's an antidepressant called Savella. It helps my brain function and without it I feel especially crazy. Most days I feel mostly sane but when things like this happen, I have a hard time. In addition to keeping my brain working, Savella also keeps the worst of the pain and chronic fatigue at bay. I'm really angry at the doctor, the assistant and the pharmacy right now. I'm sure none of these people have any idea what this is actually like so they can't know how debilitating it is. I want to yell at them and try to make them understand how difficult it is to cope with this shit with the medication and how completely impossible it is to be without it. Going off antidepressants cold turkey is always a bad idea. I know they know this. The boys start school in a couple of days and there are things I need to do to help them get ready and I can't. My brain is full of fog.

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